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Season Two, 2022-23

Episode 43:
Sept. 29, 2022

Waxvillain! Instagram influencer Waxvillain and I dish about classic soul, funk evangelism, sentimental albums, and basically fanboy over collecting vinyl records! LISTEN HERE

Episode 42:
Sept. 22, 2022

Anomalie! Anomalie and I talk about EDM circuits, disturbing the neighbors, camping trips, phrase prioritization, synth patches, and more! LISTEN HERE

Episode 41:
Sept. 15, 2022

Mark Lettieri! Mark Lettieri and I chat about Van Halen, internships, kerning, duck music, Italian flowers, and more! LISTEN HERE

Episode 40:
Sept. 8, 2022

Adam Scone! Scone Cash Players organist and front man Adam Scone and I talk about Brazilian neighborhoods, basement recordings, organ personalities, studio spontaneity, and metallurgy, of course! LISTEN HERE

Episode 39:
Sept. 1, 2022

St. Paul Peterson! St. Paul Peterson (keyboardist for Prince's The Time & The Family) and I discuss orange suits, the Minneapolis sound, Ninja Turtles, running shoes, and more! LISTEN HERE