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40 Minutes of Funk is an interview podcast focusing on Funk practitioners, their philosophies, and their music. Hosted and produced by Michael B, 40 Minutes of Funk launched its first episode on August 19. 2021. The podcast is broadcast out of Norman, Oklahoma, and features Funk artists and experts from numerous generations and backgrounds across the globe in an effort to educate and elevate listeners. Each episode includes interviews and original recordings so listeners can get to know Funk artists a little better and hear their own contributions to the Funk scene.

Click HERE to check out all the places you can hear the podcast!

Host Michael B is a longtime Funk fan and host of Tonic: The Funky Groove Show on KGOU (metro Oklahoma City's NPR affiliate), a weekly two-hour music program that features instrumental Funk, groove, soul, disco, jazz, hip-hop, and more.*

The 40 Minutes of Funk podcast's theme song and advertising bed is composed by Michael B and features Grammy Award-winning musicians and Funk monsters Mark Lettieri on guitar and Shaun Martin on organ. Taylor Graham of Henna Roso slaps the bass, with Brian Dailey on drums, and Normanite horn superstars Eric Walschap on baritone sax, Daryl Nagode on trombone, and Nick Paynter on trumpet. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Carl Amburn at Mousetrap Studios, with production assistance by Terry "Buffalo" Ware.

Michael B is an award-winning writer, photographer, and singer/songwriter who performs regularly throughout the Norman area in bands Heartbreak Rodeo, The Whiskey Gingers, and Eventides. He is also an avid abstract painter who specializes in acrylics. Here's a cool story about Michael's transition to full-time creativity, plus one about how The Funk changed his life.

*You can listen to Michael B's radio show, Tonic: The Funky Groove Show, LIVE each Friday evening, 9-11 PM Central, on KGOU's website, iHeartRadio, or ask your smart speaker to "play KGOU."


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